Things You Need to Know About Memorial Services

Grief healing requires changing our focus from the deceased’s physical presence to their memories. The funeral serves as a natural starting point for this transition, as it prompts us to reflect on the good and bad times we had with the deceased. The funeral is the one moment before or after a person’s death when we are encouraged to reflect on our connection to and recollections of that one individual. You can get the best one stop funeral services in Singapore here for a perfect send-off to your loved one.

While it’s increasingly common for the terminally ill to express a wish for no funeral or memorial services, those left behind who are still grieving the loss of a loved one often require some kind of ceremony to help them come to terms with the loss and feel a sense of community with others who understand. This is where memorial services come in. Here are a few things you need to know about memorial services.

What is a Memorial Service?

A memorial ceremony is held after the burial or cremation, as opposed to before as is the case with a regular funeral.

In What Timeframe Should a Memorial Service Be Held?

A memorial service can be held immediately after a burial or cremation, or it can be scheduled for a later date if the family so chooses.

On the first anniversary of the loss of a loved one, it is typical for families to gather to remember the deceased, either as the sole ceremony or in addition to a memorial or funeral service held at a more recent date.

Preparing for a Memorial

When it comes to organising a memorial service, there are no set guidelines or standard formats to follow. It is up to the family to decide whether or not to have a religious service, which would include all the typical rituals and observances associated with the religion in question.

When organising a memorial ceremony, it is important to think about the following common elements:

  • Performing Songs with Deep Meaning
  • Choral music or singing
  • Using musical instruments
  • Reciting a prayer or eulogy

The Increasing Appeal of Low-Cost Memorial Options

Because the body is not present at a memorial ceremony, the cost to hold and organize the service is far lower than that of a regular funeral.  Because of the escalating cost of funerals, many families are opting for less expensive memorial services.